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Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection


Jennya International Co.,Inc. (“theCompany”, hereafter) is committed to protecting your privacy, and will collect, processing and use your personal information in accordance with the Personal DataProtection Act and this Privacy Policy, and provide you with the exercise and protection of your personal data rights.

Application Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and the notices contained therein apply only to websites owned and operated by the Company.  Related services and offerings with links from this website, including vendor sites, have their own privacy statements that can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding links within each respective website.

Personal Data ProtectionNotification

- Company: Jennya International Co., Ltd.

-Purpose: Toprovide the Company's related services, marketing, contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship affairs, customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services, business advertising and conducting management, and business in accordance with the business registration items or articles of association.

-Reminder: the Internet is not a secure information transmission environment, please do not disclose your personal information publicly and avoid publishing personal information such as personal identity, password, or email when using this website, because the data may be collected and used by others, especially in public speaking occasions on the Internet, such as chat rooms, message boards etc.

Personal InformationCollection

- When visit the Company’s websites, you will not be actively asked to input personal information.

- Just when you complete the shopping process or participate in other activities, the website will ask you to log in to your personal data in order to complete the transaction and related services.

-In order to protect the rights and interests of all members, customers who visit this website for the first time will be automatically upgraded to membership after confirming the completion of the transaction.

-Please make sure that the personally identifiable information in your web account file is correct and current. The Company will not be liable for any loss or error caused by the inaccurate or incomplete information provided in your information, and it’s your solely responsibility.

- If you reject providing personal information, then be aware that you may not be able to take full advantage of some of the services of this website.

- Please keep your member account and password properly, do not provide the above information to anyone or allow anyone to apply for or use the account and password with your personal information, and the company will not assume any responsibility for improper use of password.

- If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close your browser to prevent others from seeing the above data to obtain your account. - To subscribe to the newsletter, you only need to provide an email account, if you want to cancel the subscription, you can contact the customer service of the corresponding website to assist.

PersonalData Category

Identification category(name, title, address, contact number, e-mail address), characteristics (age, gender, date of birth, etc.), social situation (interests, leisure, lifestyle, consumption patterns, etc.), education, technology or other professions (education), employment situation (company, position, etc.), others(information required to complete payment or payment, e-mails, website messages, track information automatically recorded by the system and other personal information that can be directly or indirectly identified, user identity, etc.), however, it will be subject to the personal information actually obtained by the Company.

Useof Personal Data

The personal information for user identification collected by this website is only for the processing and use of this website within it and in accordance with the purpose of collection.  Unless it is stated in advance, or necessary to complete the provision of services or perform contractual obligations, or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or the orders or requirements of competent authorities, this website will not disclose personally identifiable information we collect from you to third parties (domestic and foreign), or transfer it for the purpose of collection without your permission. The Company prohibits its employees from being used to collect or access your personal information, in absence of the extent necessary to provide you with products or services. The Company and contracted third party (e.g. commodity suppliers, manufacturers providing logistics, finance, event giveaways, and display products) who is a joint collector between the Company and other manufacturers,it will be specified in the joint collection activity. This website will continue to be stored, processed, and used during the validity period of membership and the period of retention stipulated by laws and regulations.

Howto Exercise Personal Data Discretion

According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the discretion to inquire or request access to your personal information, request a copy of it, request a supplement or correction, request the cessation of collecting, processing, or use, and request deletion. You can exercise the above your discretion via email at jennyaservice@gmail.com (it is subject to the receipt of the Company's reply, to avoid the system missing the email or without receiving it for any other reasons,), and the Company will process your request as soon as possible after receiving it. However, in the absence of transaction information that must be filed for future reference of performance of duties and business on this website, as well as in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Instructionsfor Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

The Company may publish some of the information on this website on your community activity information page through Facebook or similar community service systems after obtaining your consent. If you do not agree with the release of such information, please do not click the consent button, or remove such information or refuse to continue to publish relevant information through the membership mechanism of each community service afterward. Shall any questions, you can still contact the Company for assistance to confirm and deal with the relevant issues. If you fill in the delivery address, contact person, contact information and other personal information that is not your own, you agree that you have obtained the consent of each party to provide it to the Company, and have notified the Company on behalf of the previous statutory notice. The Company will not arbitrarily provide your personal information to a third party, except for the use necessary for the execution of relevant activities by the law, or for the use of the judicial or prosecutorial authorities, relevant competent authorities, or a third party with the Company to the extent necessary to carry out relevant activities. When the Company or this website is divided in whole or in part, independent subsidiaries operate, acquired or acquired assets by other third parties, resulting in the conversion of management rights, the Company will announce the relevant details on this website in advance, and all or part of the user information owned by the Company or this website may also be transferred to a third party under the condition of conversion of management rights. However, it is limited to personal information related to the conversion of business rights. If the Company or part of the operation of this website is transferred to a third party, you are still a member of the Company, if you do not want the Company to use your personal information in the future, you can exercise your rights against the Company in accordance with thisPrivacy Policy.


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Changesof Privacy Policy

The Company has the discretion to occasionally update this privacy policy. When we do, we will announce the changes statement on the website without notice to individual members. The Company encourages you to periodically review this privacy statement to stay informed about how the Company is helping to protect the collected personal information. Your continued use of the service constitutes your agreement to this privacy statement and any updates. Shall any questions, please contact the Company directly via email at jennyaservice@gmail.com or stop using the services of this website.